Multi Sector Research Groups

The Center for Policy Research & Outreach (CPRO) is structured around Multisector Research Groups. Each Multisector Research Group (MRG) is led by a full-time Research Fellow producing research and engaging others around the theme.

Agriculture and Rural Development

With partners from IFPRI, ILO, and the ADB, WIUT has established itself as a leader in the area of agricultural economics and rural policy. This broad multi-sector area includes the unique challenges of areas in transition, from migration to quality of services, to the ramifications for housing, health, and education in rural areas.

Human Capital & Decent Work

WIUT researchers have been examining issues around agricultural labor, the national education system, skills and workplace productivity for years. The country’s national employment strategy highlights the importance of jobs and growing new and better work for its people.

Silk Road Connectivity

With recent heavy investment in transportation, energy, and trade along this large corridor there remain many challenges and questions for researchers to explore from a multidisciplinary perspective. As relationships across Central Asia have warmed, there is continued interest in development of resources, such as water, across borders.

Cross-Cutting Themes





Focus Areas

Economics with Finance
• Government Reforms
• Financial Economics
• Transition Economies
Business Information Systems
• Banking Sector Digitization
• Big Data
Business Management
• Human Resource Management
• Market Research
• Entrepreneurship
Global English
• English Language Teaching
• Applied Linguistics
• Transnational Education
Commercial Law
• Legal framework for Public Reforms
• International Trade Law
• Contract law