CPRO Policy Briefs

2020 Policy Briefs

The Role of Science in the Context of National Strategies

Key Messages:
• The growth rate of academic output since 1990’s was lower compared to other developing countries.
• There is significant need to identify new policy tools to stimulate increases in high quality academic output (publications) and attract youth to science.
• Increasing the quality of research is instrumental to enter global university rankings by 2030

CPRO Policy Brief 2020-02
Author: Rauf Salahodjaev 

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Digital Economy of Uzbekistan in the Context of Regional Development: Prospects and Challenges

Key messages:
• The density of communication towers in the Republic remains very low (1 tower per 1600 inhabitants).
• Despite high levels of adult literacy, digital literacy remains at lower levels.
• In Uzbekistan, only 7% of adults use the internet to either pay bills or purchase merchandise online through mobile applications, smartphones, bank card, mobile payments. The development of domestic e-commerce can benefit the Uzbek economy by low capital intensity and high speed of capital turnover.

CPRO Policy Brief 2020-01
Author: Rauf Salahodjaev

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