About Us

The Center for Policy Research & Outreach (CPRO) was formed in response to research demands among government and international donor partners. Capacity building for research is a national undertaking and WIUT’s commitment is to contribute strongly.
CPRO is innovative and effective because our positive research culture and focus on direct research audiences. Researchers are given freedom to be creative with support and encouragement in an atmosphere of intellectual stimulation. Active engagement with users of research keeps the research enterprise real.

The core of CPRO is our Multisector Research Groups (MRGs) headed by Research Fellows and supervised by the CPRO Director who works with the Deputy Rector of Research.

Our Mission

Excel as a think tank in evidence-based, high-quality research, analysis, and public outreach on a wide range of policy issues, advancing the debate, and facilitating cooperation among relevant actors;
Promote research and policy dialogue with external knowledge partners at national and international levels, and work together to secure funding and sponsorship;
Capture opportunities, publish, and build capacity for applied research, policy analysis and outreach projects;
Strengthen competence for graduate studies with interdisciplinary projects.
Organize and create high-level policy & action briefs, working papers, case studies, and social media products;

Our Goals

Capacity development for research
We learn by mentoring during informal and formal training.
Interdisciplinary research
Together, researchers co-design studies, analyze findings, and draw conclusions, increasing both quality and impact.
Partnerships and fundraising
The capacity and interests of University faculty and staff must align with our partners.

 A combination of academic publications and popular pieces reach policy- and decision-makers, as well as practitioners.